The Center for X-Ray Crystallography provides access to state-of-the-art single crystal X-Ray diffraction facilities. We study structures of newly synthesized materials at the atomic level (3D Molecular structures) and crystal structures and packing of the molecules or species that make up the crystals. The center has established collaborations with national and international academic institutions as well as leading research and development divisions of a number of chemical companies.

We, director and two graduate student assistants, offer informal and hands-on short course that cover all aspects of crystal structure determination projects. The classes start with crystal examination and evaluation, software to hardware training on the use of the xray diffraction instruments, unit cell determination and data collection. We also provide structural discussions and assist users with the full understanding of the final structural results. The center also provides a formal, two credit hours Special Topics course on crystal structure determination by Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Methods covering both theoretical and practical aspects.