The X-ray Diffraction Facility at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida is among the most modern and productive in the world. Structural analysis of Organic, Inorganic and Organometallic newly synthesized materials is conducted by single crystal X-ray diffraction.

The facility consists of two diffractometers. The first is a Bruker DUO diffractometer with two anodes (Cu microsource and Mo sealed tube with Triumph monochromator) and an APEX II CCD area detector, installed in 2009. The second is a SMART PLATFORM, installed in 1995 and upgraded to a APEX II CCD area detector in 2008. Each diffractometer is equipped with a low temperature device. Our facility uses APEX 2 software for data collection and strategies. The facility conducts work primarily for the Department. 

We collaborate with research groups around campus especially in departments in the medical complex of Shands Hospital and the University of Florida Medical School. Collaborations are also established with external research groups around the country and world. Currently, our collaborations involve U.S. universities, International Universities and industry.