1. Show the entire ‘3-D Molecules’ category. Categories display in the order entered. Molecules are sorted alphabetically

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2. Show one professor at a time. This allows you to put them in any order you like, however if you do this, you must ‘manually’ insert the category names (professors).

Professor Ari Rajan

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Professor John Smith

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  1. Be sure to upload your PDB files to WordPress media.
  2. In left-hand WordPress console menu, select Connections => Categories.
  3. Please review the professor name examples in Connections= Categories. Feel free to rename them to the “real” professor names. Please note that they will list in the order added, so you may want to decide your order (alphabetical?) and add them in this order.
  4. Add each professor’s name as a category. When you do, be sure to select ‘3-D Molecules’ under ‘Parent’ for each one. This will make each professor a subcategory of the ‘3-D Molecules’ category to ensure they display properly.
  5. Please review the molecule examples examples in Connections => Manage under the ‘3-D Molecules’ category. Feel free to edit them to give them the “real” information.
  6. Add molecule and PDB file information.
    • Select Connections => Add Entry.
    • Under ‘Publish’ on the right, select ‘Organizaton’.
    • Under ‘Categories’ on the right, select the name of the professor under which you want this molecule listed.
    • (REQUIRED.) On the left, under ‘Organization’, type the name of the molecule.
    • (Optional.) Scroll down to ‘Biographical Info’, type any description of the molecule that you want. This can be plain text or HTML code, and also can be created with the WYSIWYG editor by slicking the ‘Visual’ tab.
    • (REQUIRED.) Scroll down to ‘Custom Fields’. Under ‘Name’ select ‘3-D Molecular Model.’ Under ‘Value’ copy/paste the exact name of the PDB file (WITHOUT the ‘.pdb’ at the end).
    • Scroll back up and press the ‘Add Entry’ button (on the right below the ‘Publish’ box.
  7. Edit your WordPress page, click the ‘Text’ tab, and paste in the Connections short code of your choice (see the top of this page for examples).
  8. If you choose to display one professor at a time instead of listing them all with one code block, remember to edit the part that looks like, category_name=’Professor Ari Rajan’ by pasting in the professors name, which must be the exact name as entered when creating the category, including spaces and upper/lower case.